According to a recent analyse, theres a really good chance “youre feeling” slimmer now than you will all year.

Why? Well, according to the study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, people start steadily gaining weight at the opening up of the holiday season all the style through New Years.

The worst part? It takes aboutfive months to lose all of that weight gained in just 10 weeks.Just try not to think about that when youre sipping wine and going for seconds on dessert at holiday parties this year.

The study, led by Professor Brian Wansink at the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, assessed data collected from wireless scales of around 1,800 Americans, 800 Germans and 400 Japanese people from August 2012 to July 2013.

We have to keep in mind a few cases factors: The first is, everyone in this study had paid for this Withings WS-5 0 scale, which expenses $150 in the US. This showedresearchers that the participants may have hadboth the driveand the means to lose weight compared to those who didntown this type of scale.

The other fact to keep in mind is, merely a quarter of the American participants were obese, which is lower than “the member states national” rate of obese people.

Despite the population of such studies being maybe healthier and more advantaged than the general population, Professor Wansink said to the New York Times,

Even among this diligent, almost-ideal population, theres no escaping this almost inevitable holiday weight gain.

Clearly, it didnt matter how health-conscious the participants were. They all gained weight during the holidays and were at their slimmest before the holidays started.

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