This is Part 5 of a compilation of several articles to enlighten you and inspire you to jump in with both feet, detoxing your body, and begin enjoying all the benefits of the quality of life you were born to have!

Recommended Time Period For Detoxing

There is much debate as to the length of time you should engage in a complete detoxing program. I say the word “complete” because there are many detoxing programs that address only part of the problem. You cannot detox your body in three days, or five days, or seven days. You might feel better, but this length of time is only temporary, meaning it is highly likely that you will easily revert to your old habits.

This is so because you are not giving your body the time it needs to actually LOSE its addictions. Yes! This is the precise reason why a four-week program is essential! It takes most people an average of 21-28 days to make or break a habit. This is a good criterion to follow when deciding how much time to invest in your detoxing program.

What Are The Goals Of A Detoxing Program?

A reputable detoxing program‘s goal is to not only to eliminate toxins from your body, it will also balance blood sugar levels, set your pH balance optimally, and in many cases, help you to lose FOREVER those food cravings and addictions that keep you from the quality of life you deserve!

Is A Detoxing Program Just Another Fad Diet?

We are continually bombarded by what we should do to lose weight, to have better skin, and to look and feel like a rock star. A reputable detoxing program is NOT a fad diet, but an actual LIFE STYLE CHANGE!

My dad-in-law is 80+ years old, and he was suffering from severe body aches. So much so, that he could barely get out of his chair, and could no longer climb the stairs in his home. He did not want to “detox” because he said if he had to give up his orange juice and coffee, that it was just too drastic.

As his pain escalated, he finally made the commitment to go for it (detoxing), and on day three he stopped taking his pain medication! On day seven, he yelled, “Look at me!”, as he jogged. . .yes!. . .jogged to the mail box! He lost 15+ pounds, several inches, and hasn’t felt this good in as long as he can remember! He no longer CRAVES the daily pot of coffee, but rather drinks it sparingly – not every day or not ALL day like he used to.

He no longer has to have his daily glass(es) of orange juice now that he is educated and knows the detrimental effects of too much sugar in his body. He is learning how to take care of himself. That, my friend, is a LIFE STYLE CHANGE.



My name is Kolle and I am a fellow health nut and certified yoga instructor. Because of my long-lived passion for health and wellness, I was a little arrogant when I was approached regarding my participation in a detoxing program. I thought, “I’m already healthy. . .I already know everything there is to know about diet and exercise.” Boy was I mistaken! I learned SO much, and would be honored to share that information with you – A Step-By-Step Guide To Detoxing And Getting Healthy. Here’s my link:

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