Bruises are a daily phenomenon and unavoidable problem. Whether it is a bruised shin from tripping over your coffee table for the thousandth time or a giant goose egg on your childs head froma fall, bruises are unsightly injuries that youd much rather have gone.

If youre like me and bruise really easily, youre probably always researching how to get rid of bruises and trying to find new treatments. There are many phases of bruising and understanding how best to treat abruise can be challenging. To save you the time, weve tested the best home remedies for getting rid of bruises quickly. If one remedyisn’t working fast enough, you can always try the next one!

But before you start treating your bruise, its helpful to understand what causes bruising. While its difficult to prevent getting a bruise, there are some things you can do to minimizebruising.

What Is A Bruise?

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The medical term for a bruise is a contusion, which is a region of injured tissue or skin where blood vessels rupture. According to WebMD, bruises form when you hit a spot hard enough that the small blood capillaries near your skins surface break. After impact, these blood vessels leak into the surrounding tissues, causing the discoloration under your skin in blue, red, purple, and black tinges. Your body eventually absorbs the blood back and the bruise will disappear in about two weeks.

What Causes Bruising?

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Here are some factors, suggested by E-Medicine Health, which can aggregate the chances of forming a bruise when you get bumped:

1. Diet

Nutrients we get from foods can help keep our blood vessels strong and flexible, making it less likely well bruise easily. Foods rich in bioflavonoids such as dark leafy greens, garlic, onions, and dark-colored berries are great sources to strengthen blood capillaries.

2. Age

As we age, our blood vessels get weaker and our skin loses its elasticity and protective layers that cushion us against bumps, allowing for easy bruising.

3. Medical Conditions

Some blood disorders such as hemophilia and leukemia can cause unexplained bruises. Blood that does not clot normally may be more susceptible to easy bruising.

4. Exercise

Strenuous exercising may lead to bruising easily because blood vessels may tear and burst when under tremendous pressure and strain.

5. Supplements And Medication

Certain medications like aspirin and oral contraceptives can thin out your blood or weaken your blood vessels. There are also supplements such as fish oils and ginkgo that will thin out your blood, increasing the chances of blood leakage into tissues. If the medication reduces your bloods ability to clot, bruising is more likely to occur.

6. Sun Damage

Sun damage causes your skin to lose its ability to protect what is underneath its surface, causing you to be more susceptible to bruising.

How Long Does A Bruise Last?

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How long a bruise can last and what phases of bruising youll experience vary greatly by the intensity of the injury. Your skin turns red immediately when a bruise is formed. However, the black and blue color that is distinctive of bruises will not appear for another day or two. Once a bruise appears, it will take approximately two weeks for the bruise to disappear.

According to, the surface of your skin will be tender and slightly puffy from the broken capillaries spreading blood in the surrounding tissues. In the next few days, the bruise color will deepen to a blue or black tinge. Within five to 10 days, the bruise color lightens up to a green or yellow, followed by days 10 to 14 where the bruise will become light brown until it dissolves away.

Extensive swelling, signs of a lump and bruising within half an hour of the injury may be a sign of something more serious than a bruise. In that case, a doctor should be consulted for further examination of the injury.

How To Get Rid Of A Bruise Fast

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Sometimes you don’t have two weeks to wait for a bruise to naturally disappear on its own. If you’re getting married, you don’t want to walk down the aisle with a giant bruise on your arm. Fortunately,there are several home remedies you can use to quickly get rid of a bruise.

1. Boiled Egg And Silver

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This is a tried-and-tested bruise-healing method my family has used for as long as I can remember. The remedy works for bruising anywhere on your body, but works especially well on a black eye. Many families in Asia have passed this tradition of bruise healing on in their families.

To get rid of a bruise with this treatment, youll need one very hot boiled egg (peeled), a cheesecloth, and a real silver coin or spoon.

After peeling your hot hard-boiled egg, wrap it in the cheesecloth along with the silver coin to ensure it wont fall apart in your hands. Rub gently on the bruise until the egg cools. When you unravel the cheesecloth, you will find that the silver has turned a purple-black color. The concept of this method is that the egg and the silver absorb the discoloration of the bruise and heal the broken capillaries.

2. Cabbage Leaves

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While banana peels can be used to get rid of a hickey, cabbage leaves are very helpful for removal of facial bruising. In fact, cabbage leaves are recommended as one of the 10 best natural remedies to speed bruise healing from You can use this method to get rid of a bruise fast by dipping the outer leaves of a white cabbage into very hot water and then applying it to the bruise.

Cabbages contain anti-inflammatory compounds and lactic acid, which can provide relief to swelling and pain and effectively heal bruises.

3. Calendula Flowers Or Leaves

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Calendula flowers or leaves can be boiled or extracted for the juice to use for bruise treatment.

Once the mixture has cooled, apply it on bruises that are located on flat surfaces like your shins or arms. This bruise remedy is also good for muscle sores and sprains. It takes the soreness away and penetrates the skin to begin the healing process.

4. Fenugreek Seeds

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The first step in this bruise treatment is to crush fenugreek seeds in a small bag. Boil the small bag of crushed seeds to steep a tea. Apply the tea to your bruise, whether its on your thigh or arm, at a temperature as hot as you can handle.

5. Garden Thyme

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Garden Thyme are extracted for the green plant parts. Boil this in water for three to four minutes. Steep for another two or three minutes, then strain to be added to your bath. Soak in this bath mixture for a relaxing way to get rid of a bruise on your body.

6. Onions

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For a quick and easy way to get rid of bruises, slice up an onion and apply it raw to your bruise. If you have a bit more time and patience, dice up the onion and gather it together with a cloth to be bandaged to the area of the injury for a couple of hours. Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties in the onion make it an effective bruise treatment.

7. Essential Oils

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Essentials oils are amazing remedies for bruises. They stimulate the white blood cells to flow through the trapped fluid in your bruised skin tissues. This process of spreading the blood leakage is critical in how to heal a bruise.

Arnica Oil

Arnica oil, which is extracted from Arnica flowers and roos, has a long history as an anti-inflammatory herbal medicine making it an excellent treatment to get rid of bruises, according to Arnica oils should not be used directly and should be diluted and applied to your bruise after a cold compress.

Jojoba, Rosemary, Geranium, and Lavender

An easy essential-oil concoction from Essential Oils Sanctuarythat you can use to heal a bruise is made up of one teaspoon of jojoba oil, two drops of rosemary oil, two drops of geranium oil and one drop of lavender oil. These will help heal a bruise by constricting the spread of blood in your skin tissue, repairing damaged skin and diminishing bruise discoloration.

Lemongrass, myrrh, helichrysum, frankincense, fennel, and cypress are additional essential oils that work well for treating bruises.

8. Over-The-Counter Ointments

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This is the best bruise-treatment ointment on the market. It works with compounds that promote tissue regeneration and swelling reduction. The penetrating property of the cream is an ideal way to make a bruise go away in one day. If you have little kids that get bruises on a regular basis, this cream will be a staple in every room of your house.

Arnicare Gelworks

Arnicare Gelworks is very effectively as a bruise treatment for minor injuries that cause bruising. The arnica components of the gel reduce swelling, discoloration, and pain at the injured bruise site.

Dermend Moisturizing Bruise Cream

This cream can soothe bumps and bruises with its arnica, witch hazel, and soybean formula. You can heal a bruise quickly using this cream by simply massaging it into the affected bruise area.

Try these methods today to get rid of bruises and let us know what you think, and dont forget to SHARE it with you friends!

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