A Michelin star chef who admits to having a food addiction has penned a volume in hopes of helping others who face similar weight-loss conflicts. Michael Psilakis, who owns seven New York eateries, recently published Live to Feed: Cooking the Mediterranean Way, and said his recipe for success revolves around seven key ingredients and weekly healthy meal prep.

Ive literally gained and lost hundreds of pounds, Psilakis, a father of two, told Fox News. At my heaviest, I would say that I was a little over 300 pounds. Im only 6 feet tall, so,[ thats] pretty big. And then Id say if Im in my’ right shape, I would probably be about 175 pounds.


Psilakis, who is down four belt sizes and counting, tapped into his Greek heritage and began crafting a weeks worth of meals use what he calls his magnificent seven ingredients. The list includes Mediterranean diet staples like blanched veggies, Greek yogurt and tomato sauce. He also replaces butter with garlic confit for his recipes, which helps to add more flavor to the dish.

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