Edie Marie Battaglia was working from home at her desk one day. She had eaten lunch as usual and began to feel a discomfort around her chest and breast area.

She thought maybe it was just some indigestion. Edie took Maalox but the pain wouldn’t go away. She wondered if the underwire of her bra was poking her, so she changed her bra and shirt. She tried stretching and even an ice pack. The pain would not go away.

Her neighbor, who is a nurse practitioner, told her to take baby aspirin. Suddenly her jaw began to ache. The neighbor advised her to go to the hospital immediately. That advice would save her life. Her husband rushed her to the hospital where doctors gave her a shocking diagnosis.

Edie was having a heart attack. She didn’t recognize the signs, and the possibility didn’t even cross her mind. Edie had previously lost her mother, father, and brother to heart disease.

To learn how to spot the signs of a heart attack in women please read “How A Woman Can Spot A Heart Attack Before It Happens.”

Today Edieis an advocate for teaching women about the signs of heart disease, whichinclude:

  • Tingling down the arms
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Shortness of breath/racing heart
  • Jaw pain/dizziness
  • Burning or discomfort on the chest or back

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