It is one of those things that go along way towards improving overall health and fitness, detoxing the body. This process should be followed two times a year, most people begin their detoxification at the start of spring and the end of fall each year.

When the detoxing of the body is done is of less importance than making sure it is done in the correct manner. Getting the proper exercise, eating a balanced diet, and managing your current stress levels are all important aspects of maintaining good overall health, and will enhance your detoxing experience.

Maintaining overall good health and optimal fitness levels, a diet, exercise program, and stress reduction are all needed to produce the desired results, and a vital part to all detoxification plans.

Health Advantages From Detoxing Of The Body

Due to the abundance of environmental pollutants, toxins found in the air and water, reduction in the ozone layer, and modern processing of foods we are all at risk of becoming ill both with mental and physical consequences, detoxing is of the highest priority for those looking for a healthy lifestyle.

The diet needed for properly detoxing is easy to follow, and can be repeated as many times as desired to maintain the highest degree of health advantages.

Foods For Detoxing

While on the detoxification diet the foods listed below are utilized in any combination that is preferred as long as the mixture supports a healthy and balanced diet. Utilize this list of detoxification foods to put together the tastiest menu you can come up with.

Fruit-eating plenty of fresh fruit during detoxing is very important, just about any kind of fruit can be included from apples, oranges, bananas, to the more exotic fruits. 100% real fruit juices are fine as well, provided that they contain no artificial preservatives or added sugar.

Vegetables-the same rule will apply with vegetables as with fruits, eat plenty while detoxing. Popular vegetables utilized for detoxing are fresh onions, carrots, turnips, cabbage, bean sprouts, peppers, mushrooms, corn, leeks, cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

Beans and lentils-Dried beans and beans canned in water are perfect for detoxing the body, but beans packaged in oil should be avoided. Kidney beans, lima beans, pinto beans, black eyed peas and lentils are popular beans for detoxing the body.

Tofu and quorn-These popular meat substitutes are the perfect choice for detoxing.

Oats-sprinkle them over fresh fruit, or put them in your porridge. Oats can also be tastefully enhanced with fresh fruits or honey.

Fresh fish-Some of the healthiest varieties of fish include cod, salmon, mackerel, monkfish and trout, fish can play a major role in the diet during detoxification.

Live yogurt-The valuable nutrients and bacteria contained in live yogurt help to settle the digestive tract while detoxing the body.

What Foods To Avoid While Detoxing

Just as there are foods that should be included in the detox diet, The following list of foods must be left alone at all costs:

Red meat, chicken, turkey and other poultry

Processed meat products, such as sausages, hotdogs, processed luncheon meats, and pate

Milk, cream, cheese and other dairy products
Eggs, butter and margarine

High salt snacks like potato chips or other snack chips

Salted nuts of any kin

Chocolate, candy and other sweets

Refined sugar

Jams and jellies

Caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee and soft drinks

Alcohol of any kind


Premixed retail salad dressings

Detoxing twice each year will result in improved overall health, and reduce the problems associated with the dangers of the pollution, toxins, and stress that is faced each day.

The plan is easy to understand and easy to follow, takes little time and can be repeated when needed.

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