The idea of a diabetes control diet is to help the body to burn fat and not insulin. When a person’s body begins to resist insulin, that person will be diagnosed as suffering from Type 2 diabetes. This means that there is a high level of insulin in the body which the cells in the body cannot, or will not, absorb. When this happens, the blood sugar levels get too high and it becomes necessary to control the blood sugar levels. This is often done through diet.

Starving Cells

As soon as your body begins to resist insulin, your cells begin to starve. This happens regardless of how regularly you eat. The cells no longer function properly and even if you have just eaten a meal and are actually well fed, the cells think they are starving! This will mean that incorrect messages are sent to the brain saying you are starving. This in turn means that the brain will send out hunger signals to the diabetic to say you are hungry and have a great need for carbohydrates. This then creates the stimulation of insulin which will then allow the cells to absorb glucose.

The problem is that the body is out of sequence due to the diabetic disease. The body must be controlled and prevented from burning glucose and this is where diabetes control diet comes in handy. It will teach you how to stop eating carbohydrates. A proper diabetes control diet will help you to channel the body’s intake in such a manner that it will start to burn fat instead of glucose. By using a hormone known as glucagon (which helps the body to burn fat), a chain reaction is set off which enables the body to burn fat and turn existing reserves of fat into the much needed glucose.

When the blood in your body contains insulin, there is a halt in the production of glucagon. Unfortunately, when a diabetic has to inject insulin into the body, he or she, inadvertently injects the very thing that is preventing their body form burning fat. This is why a good diabetes control diet is such a good tool to help the body maintain a safe weight and to become more naturally in control of diabetes.

It is important when following a diabetes control diet, to understand that it is necessary to lower the consumption of carbohydrates (sugar as well as flour) and instead turn to eating foods which contain more proteins. It is a good idea to check out various diabetic diets to find the best one for you that suits both your tastes and lifestyle.

The most important concept of a diabetic control diet is that it offers a more natural way to manage diabetes. By reducing the need for insulin and increasing the consumption of low-carb foods, you will help your body to loose weight naturally and to control the sugar levels in your body reducing the need for serious medication. Needless to say, it is important to talk to your doctor if you are under medication so that they can monitor your progress.

Knowing the there is such a thing as a Diabetes Control Diet is a great comfort to people who are new to the disease. You can find many more tips to help you with diabetes at

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