WARNING: Don’t Use Turmeric If You Take Any Of These Medications. This could save your life.

While turmeric has been stimulating the latest rounds of the miracle-like natural supplement listing, and while it does in fact have a long history of was for medicinal intents in many cultures, it turns out it is not for everyone.

While its been touted for a long time as being an effective therapy for a variety of ailments and cancers, and Western medication is now coming around and seeing some very interesting qualities to turmeric, they are also seeing that the combination of this compound with prescribed meds is a big no-no.

When taken in excess or with over the counter and prescribed medications, turmeric may be harmful and have side effects.

Turmeric has significantly been known as a spice used in foods, its also been used medicinally and the scientific community has espoused specific elements of it for health benefits, though many asserts have not been scientifically supported yet. But some uses are now being revealed to be dangerous. Primarily its the active ingredient, curcumin that has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and even anti-carcinogenic properties. While considered safe and apparently harmless, the spice has anti-thrombotic( blood-thinning) properties, which could cause very harsh reactions when used in conjunction with other blood-thinning drugs such as aspirin, warfarin, or Plavix. The risk of bleeding may be increased with this combo.