Good job,

Last year, the musician hit 210 pounds because of poor sleep habits, which caused him to overeat and binge on processed foods. He revealed:

“I was going to sleep around 5:00 in the morning… I would argue with people like, ‘All I need is like two hours a day.’ Like, boom, a catnap and a catnap and I’m just ready to go.”‘

Unfortunately, this lifestyle led to a whole slew of health issues including “acid reflux” and “nasal drip.”

“I was creating different types of disorders… And starting with my high blood pressure and my cholesterol… I had acid reflux, nasal drip… When you have so much acid in you that means your body is fighting off inflammation and mucus and that is a toxic environment that leads to other diseases.”

Eventually, the artist cut out meat, sugar, and processed foods from his diet, and went “plant-based” which completely “changed [his] life.”

“I switched my regimen, went plant-based and it changed my life. I lost 20 lbs… My cholesterol came down, my high blood pressure came down. My stress levels came down naturally. I have more energy. My sleep regimen is awesome.”

He added:

“It changed my life, and I would encourage everybody to have a plant-based regimen… You don’t need the meat, you don’t need to have decaying flesh in your body. The more I think about it I was like, ‘Ew.’ I was just, I had death in me. Decayed flesh and crazy chemicals I can’t pronounce. You wouldn’t put that s**t in your car.”

Keep up the good work, dude!

[Image via JRP/WENN.]

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